Wednesday, March 22, 2006

that's more like it

also from "freewillastrology", but i'm to lazy to html another link. anyway, check it:

Even if you don't literally take a journey to a distant place in the coming weeks, you will nevertheless be like a stranger in a strange land. I suggest that you adopt an attitude similar to that of an explorer. Here's a list of traveling instructions from Patrick Harpur, author of The Philosophers' Secret Fire: A History of the Imagination. "Don't believe everything you have been told, either for good or ill. Observe local customs; respect local gods. Talk less than you listen. Don't expect the inhabitants to speak your language; rather, try and speak theirs. Try to see as well as sightsee. Be polite but firm; take advice but do not be gullible. If in doubt, smile. Do not laugh at the natives, but do not be afraid to laugh. Do not be superior or aloof, but don't try to dress like a native. Don't join in the dancing unless you have learned the steps."

cool. i already do most of that. this is one of them diamond in the rough horoscopes that keep me coming back for more, even though they usually pertain to me about as much as estrogen supplements (which, to nip the smart-assery in the bud, pertains to me not at all).