Friday, March 03, 2006

dream into french into german into english

thank you babelfish.

[I was riding] a bicycle with my friend Jason arranged (of non CO ouvrier Jasons) and a certain girl on... I think that she was there with Jason... Thus we put the length up on the sidewalk, if our way were blocked by slow a pair of older humans with sticks... Jason and the girl convey the rights, I make from the left side. The sidewalk by rock framed... We go setting it over and on our revolution away. We climb down approximately a quarter block, if the steering bars set themselves free my bicycle in of that my hands... That takes me one second, in order to be conscious that I cannot put a bicycle up without steering bars. It is to this point that I cannot in such a way put more my bicycle up without steering bars we turn again to the repair my bicycle. As we turn over... KUVO wakes me, hour, to begin the day...