Sunday, January 08, 2006

Name That Smell

Not sure if I've been smelling things from my next door neighbor, or my downstairs neighbor, or if I'm just experiencing some olifactory schizophrenic break, but whatever it is, the nose has been sensing some oddness today.

Earlier it was the smell of fire--no worries, my building has fireplaces.

After that was the smell of incense. I imagine my neighbor was, er, putting on a catholic sermon or something, because why else would anyone burn incense?

But I gotta say that the weirdest smell isn't weird for the smell, but for the time. Some delicious foodstuff, I'm thinking a curry, at three in the fucking morning!!! You know, more power to 'em, but that type of meal at this time of night?!?! That's some commitment to your curry, if you ask me...

Gotta admit, that's pretty cool and I'm kinda jealous (or at least vaguely hungry in a pavlovian sorta way)... and if it is the downstairs neighbor, hopefully it helps him/her get rid of that brutal cough he/she has been experiencing for the past couple days.