Friday, December 30, 2005

One hour left of "work" and I got tagged--25 Good Things About 2005

1. i survived
2. i have less debt now than when it started
3. i now have all 6 of elliott smith's studio albums
4. the plant i got at thanksgiving is still alive
5. i have a blog
6. i blog on my blog
7. my blog is pretty bloggy
8. i can see that my creativity works best when focused on the bad instead of the good
9. 3 short years left of dubya
10. i still don't have any children
11. i smoked less cigarettes this year than any year since 1990
12. though my grandfather died, it seems that my grandmother's resilient and will be fine
13. Chicago trip in April (and the visit with the grandparents when grandpa was well)
14. guess it deserves its own--the visit with the grandparents when grandpa was well
15. getting connected with family i haven't seen in years and meeting my first cousins-once removed (3.5 of them as of october)
16. turning 30, because the reality is actually better than the anticipation
17. i still have dreams, and one or two are looking really close to becoming reality
18. i've still never tried heroin, and still have no desire to
19. the broncos are the 2nd seed in the afc, and seattle are rocking the nfc--that's the superbowl i want to see
20. only 5 more to go and i can go back to being morose about the year
21. as much of a fuck-up as i think bush is, iraq did have some of those, whachoo call 'em, elections... baby-steps, ya know
22. friends, old and new
23. more healthy than not (but i am 30, so it takes a bit longer to bounce back... i'm only kidding (or am i???))
24. music... playing it and listening to it and discovering it
25. it's almost over and i'm optimistic about 2006!

either you're tagged or you aren't, but it was kinda fun so i'm recommending that you follow suit.