Friday, September 09, 2005

Part ? of Jake's Fate

Jake Fate is of noble lineage—fantastic, god-like, noble lineage. Before the human mind was conned into believing that there could only be one true god (a god with a capitol “g”), there were many gods and goddesses in the collective unconscious. Jake’s father was one of the true gods, and his mother was a mortal woman who really dug the power of Jake’s god-father. Granted, mythology texts quite consistently assert that the fates were women, but those women were mere mortals who, for some reason, wanted to be with a man of power, even if they had to share him with several others—kinda like mormons that way. There was great a procreation, and then an even greater explosion. The children were scattered about the earth. Jake took the western portion of what is now the United States and Canada, while his brother Tate took the eastern half. This was several thousand years ago, when the area’s humans were tree-hugging reds who could be content with the planet as it was: kind, cruel, and beautiful. He was taken off-guard when the first white men crossed the Mississippi. They showed a cruelty that the elements had only dreamed of. They were a plague, allowed into this area, unbeknownst to Jake, by his own damned brother.

Tate’s will overpowered Jake, which wasn't unusual. Tate was a master in industry, while Jake loved the arts. Several hundred years later, with the inevitable combination of their talents, the arts in the Americas had become an industry all its own. Tate’s major art reserves were based in New York and Chicago, while Jake had an experiment gone awry in Hollywood… cursed Hollywood.