Friday, September 23, 2005

Interview about art, life, and other assorted gems

Zak Sally of Low.

When you’re trying to explain something you’re not sure about, you can over-explain something and kill it. I love it when people come up to me and say, “Well, that straightens out this.” That used to make me feel awful. “Oh, I miscommunicated something. I spent a year and a half on this dumb comic, and I screwed it up! Nobody gets it!” But now it’s like, “Really? I hadn’t even thought of that.” And it’s like, well maybe it is about that, and I didn’t even [see that]. It’s no less valid than if you look at something you wrote 10 years ago, and you read it now and it’s like, “Wow, this is about something completely different than I thought it was.” That’s as valid, if you see it in your own stuff, as when anybody else does it. Like, with Low, I’ve been getting more comfortable with [the idea] that you can’t, you shouldn’t, control what people think of what you’re doing.

poetry drawn

I don't know--there's some synchronicity involved in me reading this when I did. The conversation I had last night with Cornjoelio touched on some of the topics in this interview about art and audience... plus, I'm a big fan of Low, and Zak has so many more projects going on than I have that I realize I'm a lazy, lazy person who needs to stop relying on external sources for inspiration. So far, I've been a junkyard full of false starts. Hopefully the time has come for me to finish some things I've started; or maybe start some things I can finish.

And a tidbit for those of you who don't read the article, or don't make it to the end: Zak Sally has a cameo in the upcoming Steve Martin film, Shopgirl, and a Low t-shirt can be spotted on Kristen Dunst in the upcoming Cameron Crowe movie, Elizabethtown. Something tells me Low t-shirts look better on Kristen Dunst than they ever did on me. Damn...