Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thoughts on the Poem below

How very autumnal. Especially for an August birthday from a friend whose birthday is in May. I'll have to ask why he shared it with me.

Course, he's fond of James Joyce and other heady writers from an era that I consider... too purple, too obtuse, too...

But the imagery is a lot clearer now that I'm not trying to carry on a conversation and read at the same time (not to mention the couple-few beer influence upon my reading comprehension). And I do see how it's an appropriate poem, both because of its quiet, perhaps serene, reflection and hopeful foresight... or something like that.

I'm thinking that I'm entering the summer of my life, but back in the day (not sure when Thomas was alive, but I'm thinking "back in the day" will suffice) thirty may have been the beginning of autumn. God knows I'm not as invincible as I was (or thought I was) in my twenties. Hell, last night's grocery trip may have inflamed my shoulder's tendonitis...

Random ramble... thanks to the raggamuffin... I'm old (heh).

heron autumn mtn