Thursday, August 25, 2005

Drained by Anon E. Muss

painted into a corner,
poked and caged,
and like a beaten dog
I snapped.

My eyes were red
with frustration
and confusion,
and my heart was heavy,
lungs weakly, desperately, painfully
gasping for air.
Choked by tears,
engulfed in smoke,
though I know I said
I'd never do this again.

Guess I'll never say that

By the time I knew
the sources of your attacks
it was too late.

I had been beaten too long,
and it didn't strike me as real...
The reasons had altered too much,
too quickly;
turned on a dime
too many times.

Your anger snowballed
along with my lack
of understanding.
Your anger was justified
and had you focused and
fought with sincerity
and integrity
I would've had empathy;
had you yourself
before you went on the attack
I would've tried harder
to make it better,
but instead I fought back.

We're both too hurt
and have said too much
and have had too much said
to us...
Guess it's over
too soon
whatever it was.
But I hope someday
to look back on this
as a lesson learned;
it could be something,
you could be someone,
worth knowing;
maybe someday
I'll be able to
let go
of the pain...
But unfortunately,
for now
I'm drained.