Wednesday, July 13, 2005

oh for god's sake, i'll post, i'll post (last night's carnage)

picture this: one block before my bus stop last night, a totalled car from idaho and a police car are blocking the street. i get off the bus early and notice a couple of dreadlocked fellows are on a cell phone ordering a cab or a tow truck or something. i walk down my street, and for the three blocks from the bus stop to my house i note that all of the "for rent" and "for sale" signs were beaten and/or ripped from the ground.


i keep walking, checking out the carnage along the way, when i come upon some damn punk kids rolling four deep (nice use of the lingo, no?). one is rapping, if that's what you want to call it--he wasn't very creative, but he said "motherfucker" about 100 times somewhat rhythmically over a period of about a minute... i cringed as i walked by, and laughed at their silly faux-ghetto demeanors... i was also happy there wasn't a confrontation because i was feeling more hostility that usual, but not hostile enough to take four wannabe ghetto punk kids... i think i internalized the carnage along the way and the energy permeated my and "m--f--" kid's psyches.

kept going. swell.

then i received two drunk dials, passed out some whiskey and beers later, and woke up with a hangover.

i promise i'll post more later. i hope it was worth the wait.