Friday, July 29, 2005


It's official, I think I've bitten off more than I can chew.

I'm a self-taught rhythm guitar player who has taken a mere 2 semesters of fairly remedial music theory. Combining playing and why it makes sense logically/theoretically provides me with hours upon hours of brain damage. There's just so much disconnect between those halves of my brain. But I can usually just ignore that fact, play my three chord songs and be happy... I mean, music is for fun, right? Usually I just feel and do it, without too much analysis...

But that all changed last night. See, I put new strings on my classical over the weekend and I've had a book of classical guitar tunes (with tab, of course--can't read to save my life) just sitting on the shelf collecting dust for years. So last night I finally felt the urge to make use of the two according to their designs; and of course I happily ignored the fact that I'm a rock musician if I'm a musician at all... which brings us to Ludwig Van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. You can download a decent, if not a little quiet, piano mp3 from here if you're not familiar with the song by name.

It's a beautiful song, and I think a good place for me to start. See, it's pretty much all triplets and the rhythm is on the slow side (the book says 53 for the time, but my metronome only has 52 or 54--yep, finally getting use out of the metronome too!). But the song is over five minutes, translated to five pages, and after over an hour last night I'm still on page 1. Yeah, I rock on the classical/tab tip.

I have provided a circle of fifths below. This song is in the key of Am (relative minor to C major) if I'm not mistaken, meaning (barring the melodic minors... I think that's what they are, but if not then excuse my theory ignorance) there are no sharps or flats... well, I've seen at least one A flat but that's what I was talking about melodic minors--still think that's the wrong word. This means to me that this song would probably be easier to play on the piano with so few forays into the black keys. But I don't own a piano? And I don't have much of a clue what to do when I get around them, anyway... Hopefully this weekend I'll make it to page two... I've listened to the tune about ten times today, so that may just be the help I need.

Circle of Fifths, theoretically you're a jerk!

And of course, the mind being an associative beast, this song makes me think of:

Not Ludwig Van!