Monday, May 02, 2005

Pvt. England Pleads Guilty; Taking the Fall for the Man

When the pictures made it to the American press, I was disgusted by what I saw. I couldn't believe it, I knew there would be retribution (ie, beheadings), and I knew that the girl in the pictures was screwed. And she returned to the states, pregnant with her superior's child, and I realized that she already had been, but it wasn't going to end there.

A couple of points of interest from the article in YahooNews (that I tried to link, but had issues with):

"Graner [the purported ringleader and father of England's child] was convicted in January on a range of abuse charges and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Last month, he married former Spc. Megan Ambuhl, an Abu Ghraib defendant who was discharged from the Army without serving prison time. Graner had another man stand in for him in the marriage-by-proxy April 12 near Fort Hood."


"England's lawyer Rick Hernandez said last week that the defense will present evidence during the sentencing that England has severe learning disabilities and mental problems. He said there had been no decision on whether she will testify."

What... the... fuck???

All of the sudden I lost sight of my scorn and felt severe sympathy for this girl. This backwoods hick is taking the fall. She did some attrocious things, there's no denying that, but I believe the orders came from higher up than the prosecution is willing to go. And the ones at the top are rubber when it comes to blame. The buck stops with Private England. And who knows what else is going on at Gitmo...

This 21-year old (or was she 20) was manipulated by her superiors and friends, and she succumbed to peer pressure, and now she's likely going to prison for a few years; meanwhile she's a single mother, and that Graner guy gets slimier with every new fact I learn about him. And the abuses continue, and top military brass and Alberto Gonzales (who defined "torture" for Bushco) are absolved of any wrongdoing. And wasn't it Rummy who compared it to Fraternity hazing... I don't think Brother Vomit-chops of Sigma-Delta-Fuckall is going to prison for years over some pranks he did a couple years ago. But this poor girl is. She deserves punishment, I admit, but she really looks like a scapegoat to me... where's the justice?

Jesus, I guess I need to look away from this train wreck before I start to take it personally.

Oh joy, look: there's that "Runaway Bride" story... Jesus Christ if that isn't the stupidest fucking thing in the world... But I'm sure that saga's more important to the mindless masses. Much more entertainment value!

Deep breaths... breathe...

Ok, I'm done.