Monday, April 11, 2005

Chicago, my kind of town

Random thoughts 1,000 miles from home

Airplane, jetlag, drank too much...

Melvin Taylor's kid was sick
As was his replacement.
If you don't like the blues, there's something wrong with you;
You must got a hole in your soul...

Country western band at Carol's... Carol's stays open til 4, but for some reason I didn't make it to last call. Had pork rinds for dinner, though (fuckin' Aaron, dude). But on the plus side, I woke up with a hangover...

So far, the best Mexican food in Chi-town is served at Billy's. Damn lucky Billy's is my home.

Guess it's snowing like a bitch back at home. Pretty fucking chill here. Upper-70s, something like that. Good luck getting a day off Denver; I think the heat will override the blizzard this time, though... suckers...

Hear blues, drink booze, talk loud. Chico Banks plays a mean guitar; facial strangulation aside, his Hendrix-influenced blues, mang, wrecked my shit... he can go somewhere if he wants to... if he wants to.

Motherfucking Cubs game tomorrow. I can tell it's gonna be a party... Northside's team! This has to be the first baseball game I've actually been excited for. Opening day weekend in Chicago... the town pulsates. It's electric.

Well, good night nurse.