Monday, March 21, 2005

why men need women

i originally posted this on friday, 3/18/05, anonymously on another site, but it bears repeating. the original title was, "Gawd, i'm the biggest bachelor!"

so I just moved into my place at the beginning of this month. tonight is my inaugural run with my oven. haven't used the stove either. all microwavables/sandwiches/cereal/eating out. So what am I whipping up tonight you may be wondering. well if tv's taught me anything, it's that "it's not delivery, it's..."
fuck, if they had microwave instructions it could be another 3 weeks before I used my oven. i can't imagine i'm treating my body all that well, and the recent posts (referring to the forum I originally posted to—ed.) make me think, "what the hell, maybe i'll pick up smoking again!"
allow me to elaborate; here's the contents of my fridge in full:
1 quart of milk
bag of coffee
5 beers
2/3 of a loaf of bread
6 bagels
almost done lettuce (romaine)
about 1 more slice of tomato
brita water
orange juice
salad dressing

yep, that's it.
the freezer is down to just ice since i made the bold move of "cooking." my cabinets are in a bit better shape, but that's just because i bought some things that require stove-top preparation... i wish i had a pasta pot and caulander (was informed by a response that the correct spelling is “collender” (come to find out it’s actually “colander” via spell check)—ed.) so i could wow someone with my spaghetti prowess. maybe someday... a boy can dream!