Monday, March 14, 2005

One Last Kick at the Liberal Dog

(exerpted from a Joe Bageant article posted at )

Just like the Republican junta's biggest potential enemy is their own hubris, thus is ours (the "Lefists'"). Let's be honest. The liberal elite is not entirely a Republican myth. This generation of white liberals is not involved in class issues, and have become more about trendiness. To the average working American, "Friends" and "Sex and the City" is the face of modern liberal culture. They are not wrong. The very fact that most elite celebrities call themselves "liberal" and don't receive any heat tells you something is very wrong. A real class warrior would spit on the celebrities and materialistic, narcissistic celebrity itself.

American liberals define themselves and the issues within the same consumer culture machinery as the red state tire-biters---perception of class status (elitism.) This IS the main difference between educated liberals and less educated working folks. Neither are citizens of the United States or anything else. The United States no longer has citizens. It has consumers.
Most liberals are not in a much higher income bracket (as the working class), but their consumer choices---paid for on credit---allow them to mimic the ruling class. Starbucks vs Sanka, Mother Jones vs George Jones. Mark Twain vs Shania Twain.... There is little hope for us until we realize these ultimately meaningless consumer choices are not representative of any competing or compelling values, but merely distractions that stimulate and keep alive class divisions and hatreds.

For the time being at least, American liberalism has George Bush to blame for everything. And much the same as a zoo ape enjoys even negative attention, George Bush, peeling his lips back and mocking the crowd, is having the time of his life. But one of these days we will have to deal with the real reason middle class white American liberals hate Bush. Liberals hate Bush because he is a traitor to the white classes. Bush revealed the true face of American power and exposed it as the corrupt hoax it really is. He is a "cowboy" imperialist as opposed to the more acceptable kind---the Kennedy, Carter, Clinton type who conducted their dark little murders at the edge of the empire in secrecy while Americans wasted most of the world's resources. The Anybody But Bush crowd would have approved the use of force against Iraq if it had been presented by a senator from a Blue State with a bullshit UN resolution, as opposed to a simple 'Yeeee-ha' from a retard frat-boy from Texas and overwhelming international revulsion. Either way, the ruling political and corporate elites still maintain their privileges and status. The ABB movement was not about stripping anyone of those; it was simply about keeping self-serving appearances to preserve our Jabba the Hutt worldview and lifestyle.

This is a short quote from a rather lengthy piece entitled, "It Ain't Easy Being White" that I'm not saying I agree with 100%. It did, however, give me a chance to do some mental pushups. Use the link at the top at your own risk. If you don't like what he says, don't come crying to me; if I agreed with everything he said, though, that would probably make you stfu pretty goddam quick. Stuff in italics was added by me for clarity, etc.