Thursday, March 24, 2005

God I Wish

This is pretty sappy, and I don't claim to be a poet. But I started writing, inspired by something I read on the internet, and it started getting all rhythmic and rhyming. So, without further ado:

"god i wish you could look past my insecurities and see what i can mean to you. and god i wish i could see past your own, and not hold them against you. i wish our esteem for ourselves and each other were higher. that i could listen to your words, and not assume you're a liar.

i give you my bruised heart, and hope you'll handle it with care. god i wish i could say that i'll always be there. god i wish you'd look at me with love, tenderness, and lust, and that i could inflame your passions and rekindle your trust.

i know i seem nervous now, but i'm a little gun shy. god i wish you won't think i'm like the last guy.

but in the end, and when all is said and done, god i wish that we could be one.

hoping to be yours until we die, always, faithfully, and lovingly,
some guy"